Monchique Resort & Spa

Monchique Resort & Spa

The brief

ASPA International were asked to work together with the interior designers from Glasgow - 3G in creating a destination spa concept which covers as many hydrothermal experiences for the spa allowed.

What we did

Given the existing building, limited space and a view of the Algarve - the client experience has been designed into Hot & Cold therapies, relaxation and an enjoyment of the location.

Ice Room - with freshly crushed ice,
Ice water falls and sprays,
Ghassoul for two persons,
Steam Cabin with Hot Baptism and refreshing rain,
Two Sensory Showers,
Aroma Cabin with the "Font de Vida",
Sauna with Rock Salt wall and spectacular view,
Indoor swimming pool with hydrothermal experience,
VIP suite for a family.

The result

A superbly balanced spa with with a great mix of hot and cold therapies, linked to the wonderful nature of the Monchique Mountains.

The authentic Ghassoul (Rasul) - clay bath, to a relaxing aroma cabin enveloping your body with aromas from the local mountains.

Voted one of Portugal's best spa - Daily Mail