Consultancy, design and equipment supply
for bespoke spa and wellness solutions.

to enhancing
people’s lives

We provide consultancy, design and equipment supply and installation services to the world’s luxury hotels, resorts, health clubs and wellness centres, medical spas, and day spas.

Over 30 years, our team has acquired the specialist knowledge and expertise you need to plan, design and operate a successful spa or wellness centre.

We also work with architects, spa consultants and spa managers, providing guidance and technical expertise, adding value to your project and overall design.


Planning for the success
of your spa and wellness solution

Creating the perfect spa and wellness experience and generating profitable income in today’s competitive market is a real challenge. We can help you to assess the market suitability and financial feasibility of your new project. And give you realistic revenue and cost projections

With over 30 years’ development experience and solid operational know-how, we can help you to achieve superior results.

Concept & design

Spa layout, M&E drawings
and equipment specification

Each and every spa we create is unique. And each and every wellness solution we conceive promotes wellbeing. Our bespoke concepts have a strong sense of place with location, architecture, heritage, and local culture all influencing the spa experiences and treatments we create for your customers.

The exceptional amount of research, thought, and detailing we put into the planning and design of your project ensures a superior customer experience.

Equipment supply & installation

Supply of specialised equipment (SSE),
installation and testing

To ensure your project runs smoothly during construction we pre-assemble and test all equipment in Europe before shipping. And if we need additional parts, we purchase them prior to shipment. This enables us to install your equipment on schedule and to use local plumbing services.

We provide equipment specifications for treatment rooms, relaxation areas, wet areas, thermal areas, pools, water animation and massage, floatation rooms, and snow cabins.

Wellness templesTM & solutions

Leading the wellness revolution
with evidence based design

We are committed to the creation of world leading ‘Wellness temples’ and wellness solutions. Places that offer wellness facilities and clinical treatments in buildings that have been designed specifically for human wellbeing.

Our team can help you to create the top wellness and medical tourism destination for your region. We provide consultancy and design services to the world’s luxury hotels, resorts, health clubs and wellness centres, medical spas, and day spas.

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Pre-opening services

Marketing, spa programs, stocking,
recruitment and training

We can provide spa brand and protocol introduction and training, as well as soft opening support. In addition, we can help you with marketing, menu creation, spa program design, equipment stocking, and recruitment.

Post-opening services

Preventative maintenance,
operational review and audits

To improve your return on investment we offer post-opening services such as preventative maintenance, operational reviews, audits, and staff training.